Our General Managers

Lars Kai - General Manager
Lars Kai - General Manager
Lars Kai - General Manager

In my 30 years of professional experience I have mostly enjoyed working with people from diverse cultures who shared the same desire for achievement and success. As a team we have been able to achieve remarkable results by drawing on our different strengths and being open minded.
CTBAT International, a joint venture between China Tobacco and BAT based in Hong Kong, provides the ideal environment for such opportunity with great talent from both China Tobacco and BAT and access to the dynamic talent pool and entrepreneurial mind-set environment that Hong Kong offers.
CTBATI manages two leading tobacco brands in China and internationally. State Express 555 has a rich 100-year tradition of delivering premium tobacco to its consumers globally. Equally, Shuangxi has been leading consumer choice in tobacco throughout China. Our brand portfolio has us marketing SE555 worldwide and introducing Shuangxi to consumers outside China.
With our people, resources and expertise; our aim as a business is to be truly global and recognized for our high quality products.

Wang Xiao Nan - Deupty General Manager
Wang Xiao Nan - Deputy General Manager
Wang Xiao Nan - Deupty General Manager

Founded in the captivating and prosperous city of Hong Kong, CTBATI brings in world leaders of all professions, this offers an inspiring environment that shaped by excellence and enriched by diversity, our determined motivation and constant commitment drive the business internationally in full speed.

Our team come from different countries and regions, with different languages and culture, we meet in Hong Kong for one vision and we work together for success and accomplishment.

Inherited the principle of strong cooperation, effective communication and successful innovation, CTBATI has built a winning partnership in this joint venture. We will continue striving for the interest of shareholders, working for the benefits of employees and fulfilling customer needs. It is a remarkable journey that starts up in Hong Kong, develops in China and flies to the world.

CTBATI is committed to building Shuangxi as a heritage brand and bringing to the world its unique oriental culture, by leveraging the opportunity of one belt one road, Shuangxi will be made as a global success. We are a company built amongst tradition and innovation, that empower us to establish State Express 555 as a world class British Virginia tobacco brand, with strong brand equity and at the same time progressive through times. We are to drive our success in China with an expanding footprint in Asia Pacific and other part of the world.

Being a market leader in marketing and operation, CTBATI continue striving excellence in meeting customer needs. The solid foothold in key cities enables us to expand business with a consumer led and defined marketing approach. We drive our success and growth through insight based research, robust market intelligence and progressive work stream.

It is hard to express my passion and enthusiasm in words. We are pragmatic and conscientious to accomplish our vision and believe our determination will be rewarded. With the strong support of CNTC and BAT, our management is strongly committed and ready to unveil the next legend in tobacco industry.