CTBAT International Co Ltd People

The unique partnership of China Tobacco and British American Tobacco opens the path for creativity and inspiration as well as learning from and leveraging the strength of these two great businesses.

We always believe that building, maintaining and nurturing a high-quality talent pool is our vital long-term strategy for achieving sustainable growth.  Our Hong Kong based organization allows us to tap into the dynamic and diverse talent pool and enterprise mind-set that Hong Kong offers. Furthermore, the great talents from both China Tobacco and BAT provide the bridge to the resources of both stakeholders. 

Having a talented workforce is crucial in our company and we count on our excellent people and engaged teams to go to extra miles. 

One Voice One Team


Embracing inclusive and diversity as a source of innovation, and competitive advantages – we hold the highest ethnical standards, to empower an open and diverse corporate culture and strive to treat everyone with dignity and respect. We are exploiting the inclusive and diversity workplace where we integrate and transform everyone's voice into ONE TEAM's VOICE.