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For the world-recognized brands we own including 555 and Shuang Xi, we are committed to understanding and meeting the ever-changing market needs and preference with quality products, manufactured to high standards and marketed responsibly.

555 brand was launched in 1896 by Sir Albert Levy and was awarded the Royal Warrant by His Majesty King George VI in 1946 and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 1961. Since then, the brand established strong footprint globally and is committed to becoming the most popular international brand in China and in Asia.

Shuang Xi brand was established in 1906, with its name reflecting Chinese expression of doubling the joyful moments which is embedded in Chinese culture for over 100 years. Using internationally sourced tobaccos, Shuang Xi is the biggest brand by volume in China and it aims to replicate its domestic success in international markets. As part of this ambition to be recognized as a global brand, two international expressions under Shuang Xi were developed, i.e. Glory and Flying Eagle with trusted heritage.

1. How Cigarattes Work?

A cigarette is mainly composed by 4 parts: tobacco rod, cigarette paper, tipping paper and filter.

When the tobacco rod is lit, the user inhales smoke through the filter. The preferences of adult smokers guide the types and blends of tobaccos that we use in the tobacco rod. Filters are traditionally made from cellulose acetate fibres known as tow.

2. Tobacco Leaf Type & Taste Territory
There are mainly three types of tobacco leaves globally: Virginia, Burley and Oriental.

What Makes Bright Tobacco Different?

  • Crisp & light

  • With elements of cut wood and meadows

  • A clean finish

What Makes Aromatic Tobacco Different?

  • Distinct & diverse

  • A bouquet of fascinating Mediterranean aromas

  • A lingering finish

What Makes Earthy tobacco Different?

  • Rich and satisfying, full of flavour

  • Carrying deep, almost roasted notes with a quick finish